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Recovering from surgery can be a big deal.

It can have both psychological and physical effects that can affect your recovery that you perhaps were not expecting.

We can work with you before your surgery ('pre-hab') to help you prepare both emotionally and physically for the surgery.

We can offer advice and answer questions during the early stages of your recovery and help you to progress back to your usual level of activity over the weeks and months after your surgery.


Upset Stomach


After abdominal and pelvic surgery you can feel disconnected from your tummy and pelvic floor muscles.

It is important to reconnect with these muscles as soon as possible to reduce the risk of possible side effects such as back and pelvic pain or pelvic floor disorders.

If you are having surgery as part of your breast cancer treatment we can help to regain your shoulder movement and muscle strength as well as reducing side effects such as lymphoedema, scar tightness and frozen shoulder.

We can also advise you on scar management techniques and massage to keep the tissues moving and reduce any discomfort or restrictions you may be experiencing.

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