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Hands on Stomach
Practicing Yoga

Do you struggle with your bladder or bowel control or experience "oops" moments?

Are you having to change your choice of activities because of urinary leakage, urgency or the sensation of something coming down?

​Is pain in your back or pelvis stopping you from enjoying your pregnancy or new baby?

Do you feel your tummy and core are weak after having your baby? Are you worried about tummy muscle separation?

Is discomfort, fear or pain affecting intimacy?

Have you had or are you waiting for pelvic or breast surgery and wondering what you can or can't do?

Are you experiencing side effects from surgery that are affecting your ability to undertake daily tasks? 


Women's health physiotherapy is a specialist area that focuses on female health and can help you address all these concerns and more.
It involves the assessment and treatment of disorders affecting the breasts, pelvis and pelvic floor muscles.

We are experts in treating problems related to pelvic floor dysfunction and can work with you to develop a treatment programme specific to you, your lifestyle and your needs.

We can sensitively assess the pelvic floor and provide treatments to improve your physical and mental well-being. 
​If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or any other changes in your women's health, and want to speak to one of our specialists to explore your symptoms and options, we are available for a free, no obligation, DISCOVERY SESSION
It's never the wrong time to call.

You are never too young or too old to seek support and we will always have your health goals as our number one priority.

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